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A Light Hearted Approach To Landscape Photography

I read that quote recently - not only is it true but it also reminded me that sometimes we take things too seriously. We all need to lighten up sometimes, so I thought I'd share some lighthearted observations - hope. you enjoy.

Sunrise is early!

Yes I know this should be self-explanatory, but seriously, setting the alarm for 3am is really not something I ever considered.

It’s usually dark, and can often also be cold and raining.

The answer to this? COFFEE!!!

Not all sunrises or sunsets are awesome for photos

You would think you should be rewarded for getting up at stupid o’clock, but this is just not the case!

Camera on tripod overlooking the Sydney Opera House
In case you can't see from this pic it's pouring with rain - we were very lucky to get shelter

Well … at least not all of the time.

BUT, If you don’t get out you’ve got a ZERO chance of an awesome sunrise.

Sydney Opera House from over near the International Cruise Terminal
The final result from that morning's non-sunrise

Then, just after daylight, the sky dried up for a brief few minutes and we got to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge in all her glory for her 90th Birthday!

Sydney Harbour Bridge just after sunrise
Happy 90 to you!

Now, Sunsets are another issue. As you know by now, sunset time is wine time so I don’t tend to do them unless I’m on a tour, but once again, when I’m actually there, I never regret them, and as someone else is usually driving when I do go photograph a sunset … there is always wine!

The amount of time that is actually spent on the computer

As I’ve said before, I really thought you just pressed the shutter with the right settings and hey presto, you’d have an award winning image. That unfortunately doesn’t happen and no matter how much you get right in camera, there is still some editing involved - but be careful as you can go over the top -

Cow and dolphin flying above the ocean
Umm not my image - and couldn't find credit sorry (not really sorry)

It’s not just editing though, it’s also around all the planning whether you’re just doing a sunrise or planning a trip away - thank goodness for google maps and all the other apps that make that easier now.

I’ve spoken in a previous blog which apps I use to check conditions before going out, so if you’d like to see those, just go here .

Camera gear is heavy!

I’m fairly confident that my regular camera bag weighs over 10kg and that is without the tripod.

As much as I try to economise, every time I leave a lens or filters out I regret it big time.

Then there’s trying to pack for carry on for airlines - you try packing a camera in your pocket so they don’t weigh it lol

Again not my image (just in case you were wondering) but can totally relate

The best gear doesn’t make you better

Trust me, I’ve tried - you really do have to actually practice and learn to improve -

I’m not perfect by any means (and I hope to never stop learning) but I am totally guilty of a condition known as GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). I’m still looking for a cure so if you find one please let me know.

You have to wear ugly shoes

Thanks to my dodgy feet and needing to walk on slippery rocks as safely as possible, REALLY ugly shoes …

Trust me - you'll be thankful I saved you from my feet and shoes

All weather apps lie

All the checking in the world won’t guarantee a thing really, but still good to have a guide, and head out anyway.

Just go prepared with a coffee in case you find yourself sitting in the car waiting for a break in the weather - who am I kidding, take coffee anyway!

And did I mention exercise?!?

You may not know (or believe) that I used to be super fit and loved exercise, but hey life changes.

Remember this guy?

Anyhoo, is there anything else bleedingly obvious but vaguely informative that I've forgotten? I'd love to hear!

That’s it for now -

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