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Creative Photo Printing Ideas

Get your photos off your computer or phone and let them be seen!

How many photos do you have hidden on your phone or computer that are not seen by anyone, not even you?

Here are some ideas to make your photos more visible - get them out of hiding so you can enjoy them and share them with those around you.

Enhance the ambience of. your environment

Organise Your Photos

Before doing this though, please make sure you have a system to organise your photos so they can be found easily.

You really don’t want to lose any precious memories, so I can’t stress how important it is to have your photos backed up.

There are so many options for this, and I’m certainly not an expert, but please have a minimum of two onsite backups and one remote (or cloud storage).

Now, time for the fun - have a look through these ideas to see where you would like to start.


  • Share On Social Media

  • Create A Photo Book Or Slideshow

  • Create A Calendar

  • Turn Into A Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Wall Art

  • Start a holiday diary or blog/website

  • Print Your Photos On Products

Before we talk about printing, let’s look at ways you can share your photos online -

Share On Social Media

This sounds like a no brainer these days but it really is surprising how many aren’t confident enough to share their photos. I do get this as that’s how I was when I started, but I’ve learned that if I like a photo, then usually someone else will too - so start small if that’s how you feel.

Also, consider some minor editing, even if it’s just with your phone. Most inbuilt apps will help with giving a photo a little boost, and if it’s a landscape, starting with a straight horizon is a must!

But apart from just sharing with your friends, you can join photography groups to share with like minded people, and also be inspired by the photography of others.

I strongly suggest this - there are so many and it’s a great way to learn and improve if that is your goal.

You could also consider creating a Facebook page or Instagram account solely dedicated to your photography. This is a great way to record your photos and journey - even if you start out with private settings until you build some confidence.

Create A Photo Book Or Slideshow

I have to confess that I haven’t gone as far as printing one of these yet, but I have created a few and keep them on my computer. Whether or not you print it, some ideas for themes can be a particular year, holiday location or occasion.

I also have to remember that people take photos of other people so there are many milestones that can be captured and shared in a book or slideshow.

You can then share them (or not) with relevant family and friends - I honestly believe that everyone loves looking at these and remembering those times. As cliche as that sounds, it’s also very true.

Sample of a photo book - fun to get cretive

Create A Calendar

This is a great way to sort through your photos of a particular year or locations and make great gifts for family and friends.

There are heaps of companies that you can order these online with at a reasonable price and they are always popular. I even know of people who then cut out their favourites and frame them so they can be a gift that lasts lots longer than you may think.

These can also be a great fundraiser if you are involved in any community groups at all. Think schools, sporting groups, dancing - whatever really. It can also be really cost effective as you can take pre-orders with a deposit so there’s certainty and no out of pocket expenses.

Themes to consider are photos of your local area, people in the groups, sporting clubs you’re supporting, flowers birds … the options are really unlimited.

A side project for this is to come up with a theme earlier in the year for a calendar - this in turn can give you guidance and some direction in your photos (but I digress, so I’ll just leave that thought here …).

Turn Into A Jigsaw Puzzle

Along the same lines as a calendar, these make great gifts and there are numerous places you can get these made in all different sizes and quality.

Similar to calendars, puzzles can also be a really good fundraising idea.

Wall Art

This is a big one for so many and it took me a long time before I felt confident enough. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

If this is something that you find daunting, there are 2 options I can suggest to begin with.

The first is to start small and cheap so you get an idea of how your photos translate from the computer to the print. Think KMart for just prints or online sites to try canvas or framed.

The second is to go to a reputable printer that will help you with your files and make any necessary changes to your colours so they print as expected.

It really is so rewarding to see your photo hanging on the wall when you walk into a room and see it there large and bold - cannot recommend enough.

These also make great gifts - whether you gift a frame for someone’s wall, or a simple old school photo album filled with smaller prints - remember those??? I still have a shelf full that I pull out and look at from time to time.

Think wedding’s, childhood photos, holidays etc. It’s always lovely to see memories in a hard copy.

Start a holiday diary or blog/website

This can be as private or as public as you like. You can easily create a blog or website and control who can have access to it - whether it’s just family and/or selected friends - with a password. Or you can keep it all to yourself and email it to whoever you think may like it - or not! The choice is totally yours.

I have a collection of old school notebooks which are handwritten from every overseas trip I did with my late husband. Every day of our travels I would sit down (with a beer or course) and write a summary of our day. I still look at these from time to time, and they make me both laugh and cry.

Will anybody care about these when I’m gone? Probably not, but they gave my husband and I many moments of laughter when he was still here, and just me even now. There is still something about something tangible, and not just in the digital world. I often included the prices of things as well as labels or receipts - as much as I love photos, there really is more to recording your travels and adventures.

There are numerous free blog and websites to start out with, or it can be as simple as keeping a word document. Even Google Docs is great - this is what I use to type my drafts for these blog posts. Then I just copy and paste into my blog and I always have a back up if needed in the future.

Print Your Photos On Products

Ok, I could probably have worded that heading better, so here are some examples -

  • Coasters

  • Placemats

  • Drink Bottles

  • Coffee Mugs

  • Towels and Tea Towels

  • Mouse Mats

  • Laptop Sleeves

  • Clocks

  • Phone Covers

  • T-Shirts or any other clothing item you can think of.

Basically, if you can think of it, there is a company that will be able to print it for you.


These can all just be for yourself, for gifts or to sell even. The important point is the options are all there and I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to do more with your photos than just have them sitting on your phone or hard drive.

But I will go back to the first couple of points and stress to please organise and back up your photos - particularly the backup! I’ve seen way too many stories where people have lost years worth of photos as they haven’t kept copies - either when they’ve updated their phone or computer.

Oh and if you do share your photos anywhere, or create a blog or website , please let me know - I’d love to follow along.

That’s it for now -

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