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Life Essentials - The 3 Things I Can't Live Without

Thank you for coming back and welcome to this article - I thought I should explain why my blog is called "Camera, Coffee and Cabernet".

Everyone needs a catchy name right! I like to think of myself as fairly down to earth so it couldn’t be something too serious - humour has gotten me through so many times in my life and will be an integral part of my journey. These 3 things I do take very seriously though and I think it’s a good summary of my perfect day and life.

My 3 Essentials - of everyday life & travel

If I had to narrow it down to 3 it is definitely my camera, coffee and cabernet. I really do need to add computer and cats to this - MacBook Pro for travel, and iMac and my 3 gorgeous girls when at home. All the C’s.

I truly love where I live and believe it is a piece of paradise here on the Central Coast of NSW. I like to think that if it wasn’t my girls I’d sell up and be a nomad but I honestly don’t know if I’d be that brave.

My 3 girls - Shadow, Peaches and Angel - Not Spoilt at all!)

Where I Live - This is the view from my back door - pretty awesome right!


Well, I wouldn't be much of a photographer without this! I am still a Canon girl and don't see this changing anytime soon.

After a few upgrades from the original Canon 700D, I’m now using Canon’s Mirrorless R5 camera and rarely leave home without my Tripod as well.

In the bag - camera plus 3 lenses - you never know what you might find. Also must in the bag are my filters, back up batteries, cloths and spare memory cards. All up it weighs about 10kg, but guaranteed If I leave something out, it's a definite I'll need it!

The Trusty Tripod

This is never far away. It is very rare that I shoot without a tripod. I bought this Surui model before my first tour in 2017 - It has certainly done some miles and has been wet and bashed about numerous times and is still in great condition. Something truly worth investing in.

I'm also an Apple tragic and my phone is never too far from my hands. It’s great for keeping your travel journal and love how I can easily transfer photos from the phone to the laptop or desktop. I keep all my photos on an external hard drive so I have them with me wherever I am. This way I can download and edit my photos on the laptop when travelling, and when I get home just plug it into the desktop and take up where I left off - easy peasy!

We always have our phones on us as well. TIP - A friend suggested using 'Portrait Mode' on the phone with flowers, and I have to say it does a lovely job!


Definitely the most important meal of the day! Never leave home without one.

It is usually dark when I head out for sunrise, so I simply must go prepared with one from home. Not a great fan of instant coffee, it’s the good old coffee sachets that keep me going until after sunrise when the cafe’s open.

It is usually dark (and often cold as you can see above), when I head out for sunrise, so I simply must go prepared with one from home.

Sunrise at Govett's Leap brought to you by caffeine

When packing for a trip, one of the first things I pack is my coffee sachets and thermal mug. A good one of these can keep the coffee warm for hours - an absolute essential for the kit.

At home my go to are the coffee beans by Single O - a great specialty coffee company in Sydney - their beans really are the best. I was introduced to them at The Lott Cafe in Cooma and is honestly the best coffee I’ve ever had. So much so, my friend and I had 3 after a particularly cold sunrise one morning.

"I don't need an Inspirational Quote, I need Coffee"

Final image from the sunrise above

And then there’s the Cabernet

It’s no secret that I’m partial to a beverage or two, and it’s not just wine. I’m also fond of a nice cold beer, and if I’m feeling particularly fancy, I won’t say no to a cocktail.

Whether I am at home or away it's pretty much guaranteed that a nice glass of red is part of my afternoon/evening routine. It's also a running joke with my friends that I like ice in my red wine - apparently that makes me a heathen

Sorry not sorry for the bad meme

That’s it for now

That's all for today. Next up is "How My First Photography Tour Got Me Hooked", join here to travel with me to Tasmania if you haven't already subscribed.

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A rare photo of me relaxing without a wine in my hand

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