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Choosing The Right Print For Your Space

The way we furnish and decorate our home really can make a difference. Furniture we need to sit on or sleep in etc., where decorations really show your personality and makes your home more inviting and relaxing.

Wall art such as prints really can tie this all together by drawing your eye to where you would like it to go. It also is the opportunity to show your personality and instantly refresh any space.

Confused about what print to choose? You’re not alone! The right print can really make a difference to your environment without breaking the bank. It can add atmosphere, definition, and most importantly, it allows you to experiment with what you like and make your space totally unique, just as you are!

Room with computer and fine art photography prints on the wall
My Office - I love seeing these images on my wall every day

There really isn’t a right or wrong, but here’s my tips to help you choose the perfect print for your space, and I will break them down into these five areas -

  1. Set Your Style

  2. Size Matters

  3. How Many Prints

  4. Framed or Acrylic

  5. Choose Something You Love

1. Set your style - Does your home have a style or is it a mix of styles, or collections of your travels/experiences etc. over time?

You don’t have to be an interior designer, but thinking about what colours will work with your environment can make a big difference.

Photo of Seascape on a bedroom wall with neutral colours
Blue Dream - to me the natural colours of the sea stacks go well with the neutral colours in the room

Consider the feeling your home evokes (or perhaps, the feeling you want it to evoke) and find art that reflects that.

Do you want to feel like you’re relaxing somewhere in nature when you’re really in the middle of suburbia?

Chances are you choose things that help you feel relaxed, rather than energetic. Reflect this in your choices to tie everything together.

The other concept for selecting art by colour is to go bold - this can work particularly well if your decor is fairly neutral so the print will make a great focus point for your space.

I’m sure some will say the above lighthouse photo doesn’t really go with the room. They could be right, but this is a room in my house and I like it, so that’s all that counts - it’s all about your style and loving where you live!!

2. Size Matters

As a guide the size of your art should relate to the furniture around it.

Here are some tips I found that could be useful:

  • Art should span almost the entire width of your bed’s headboard

  • It should also run almost the full width of your lounge or dining table

  • If it’s in an area with no furniture below it, it should take up a large amount of that wall

3 different photos on a wall showing different sizes
Comparisons showing the medium, large and extra large images in my upcoming release

3. How Many Prints

If you’re covering a large wall, like above a bed, you might choose to have one large print or two smaller one. That is totally your choice of course, so it could be good to consider that if you choose two, then make sure that they still cover the width of the space you are filling.

Make sure you factor in the space you will need between the prints when they’re up and allowing for any framing if you’re buying a print alone and then framing yourself.

two prints of misty forests on a lounge room wall
Choosing two smaller prints that complement each other can balance a room nicely

Also consider what else is happening in the room. For example if you’re decorating a room with two walls opposite from each other, I’d suggest varying what is on each wall. I’d suggest you have one large on one wall, and then maybe two smaller prints on the other wall.

4. Framed or Acrylic

This again comes down to personal choice (and budget of course) but something else to consider.

My photos are available as a print that you have framed yourself, or acrylic that are delivered ready to hang.

If you want to add some ‘mood’, these can work really well just as a print that you then have framed, where more vibrant results where the colours will ‘pop’ more are perfect for acrylic.

A comparison showing the difference between acrylic and framed - of course the framing options are endless

See our Print Guide for a full explanation of the print options we have available.

5. Choose Something You Love

I’ve saved the best tip to last as I believe this is the most important part of the decision making.

You will be naturally drawn to select a print that will match your space, as you have probably already designed the rest of that room or area, so they should be in tune with your natural style.

Photo of Govetts Leap, Blue Mountains, hanging in family room with casual chair
This is the first image I had printed 'properly' - Govett's Leap, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

If you do choose a print that doesn’t seem to instantly match or fit, if it’s something that you really love, are there small things in that space that you can change? Think cushions, throws etc that can help tie the area together without too much expense.

Happy styling your space!

That’s it for now -

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