Hi, I'm Sam and I’m a landscape and nature photographer based on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. 


My photography is inspired by the beauty and colour of nature. I am happiest when I’m creating photos, be that in the field or on the computer bringing to life what I saw and felt in the moment.

My photography journey began in 2016 after I lost my husband, and photography was the number one thing that helped me get out and enjoy the world again. It led me to do some amazing road trips and photography tours since then.


I started by photographing everything around me – beaches, trees, buildings, flowers, waterdrops, my cats – you name it, I photographed it. With no real idea what I was doing I bought everything in sight that I read about – all the gear and no idea!


After joining a local sunrise group, I discovered it was landscape and nature that I really loved. There is just something about being out in nature watching the day come alive, being in front of a beautiful waterfall, or trekking through the bush – it just helps me to enjoy life and our beautiful world.


I also attended as many workshops I could find, joined a plethora of Facebook groups, soaked up hundreds of YouTube videos and online courses, and of course got out and practiced as much as I could. I’ve met some incredible tutors and fellow photographers who have helped me endlessly, as well as encouraged and inspired me to keep going.

Having always been drawn to bright colours, my photography style is a reflection of this – colourful sunrises, magical fog and the change of seasons are all highlights in my photography.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me,

and I hope you enjoy my photos!

Photography Awards

In 2021 I decided to start entering photography competitions to further improve my skills. I am honoured to share that I received 2 Highly Commended in the worldwide Chromatic Photo Awards, and a Gold in the World Nature Photography Awards.