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Hi, I'm Sam and I’m a landscape and nature photographer based on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. My photography is inspired by the beauty and colour of nature. I sell limited edition fine art photos, and also write a blog sharing my photography and travel experiences.


​My photography journey really began in 2016 after my husband David passed away. He had bought me my first camera for our wedding anniversary the year before, but I didn’t really get hooked until afterwards.


Photography and travel was the way I chose to start what I call my ‘Second Life’ and I’m so grateful that I did - it has taken me on an amazing journey. Photography got me out of the house, and I have done some amazing road trips and photography tours since then.


This led me to starting a blog - ‘Camera, Coffee and Cabernet’. The blog is where I share my journey and experiences, plus offering tips and guides to inform and inspire you to get out and explore what excites you. You can see all the posts here.


I am happiest when I’m creating photos, be that in the field or on the computer bringing to life what I saw and felt in the moment.


Having always been drawn to bright colours, my photography style is a reflection of this – colourful sunrises, magical fog and the change of seasons are all highlights in my photography.


I recently launched my first series of Limited Edition Fine Art Prints for sale.

This release is the result of pouring my heart, energy and time into my photography over the past 6 years, and they are all limited editions (without the extra cost of usual limited editions).


Each print comes with a unique certificate of authenticity, providing the name of the image, the story behind capturing it, the edition number and signature - these will be printed and signed individually by me and sent separately.


I hope these prints bring a sense of joy, beauty and connection with nature into your space. This is truly my whole intention of making them available to you all!


Thank you so much to everyone who’s shown their interest and support in my ventures - it truly does mean so much to me.

Photography Awards

In 2021 I decided to start entering photography competitions to further improve my skills. I am honoured to share that I received 2 Highly Commended in the worldwide Chromatic Photo Awards, and a Gold in the World Nature Photography Awards.

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